Serial# MS450 - Signature Series Mamushi - RCA to RCA - 3.0m

Serial# MS450 - Signature Series Mamushi - RCA to RCA - 3.0m

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DEMO model of our Signature Series Mamushi cables!!

Bada-Boom, Bada-BANG!!

Here's your chance to do a serious upgrade for your system, at a fraction of the cost!

Your opportunity comes from a variety of ways. Whether the cables were used at an audio show, by one of our customers to demo on their own system, for a presentation at an audio club meet, a customer's trade-in, or even us changing out the equipment in our own demo room .. occasionally we have some "non-new" cables on hand.

As all of you Snake River Audio fans out there know.. we do not like to have cables lying around. EVERY new cable order is built, by-hand, made especially for the customer who orders it, and to their specifications. So... what do we do with these extra cables when we have them??? Let's blow them out!!

These Signature Series Mamushi interconnects are near mint and are ready to ship out!

Click here for more information on the Signature Series Mamushi cables

Free shipping, no processing fee - Bada Boom, Bada BANG!

Serial # MS450
Signature Series Mamushi interconnects RCA to RCA
3.0 meter
Retail Price $2295



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