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Hells Canyon is the deepest canyon in North America. Carved out by the Snake River, it is almost 1.5x deeper than the Grand Canyon!


It travels south to north, and makes up the border between Idaho, Oregon and Washington. As a national recreation area, Hells Canyon has no roads except one or two access points. The land here is rugged and beautiful.


Snake River Audio is located just over the ridge from this picture, in a small town called Riggins, Idaho. With a population of only a few hundred people, and the nearest Walmart or McDonalds about a three hour drive away, you could easily call this area a true "Rural America". Known for the amazing fishing, hunting, rafting and other outdoor activities, Riggins is truly a hidden paradise.



Small town values, honesty, hard work, and pride are naturally ingrained in the people here.. and it shows in the products we make. We believe that mass-production compromises quality to favor corporate profitability. Therefore, every Snake River Audio cable is meticulously made, by hand, one-at-a-time, with extreme attention to detail, and using only the highest quality materials. We see ourselves as passionate artists, who happen to have a business, rather than a corporation trying to act like artists.

Thank you very much for your support!

Jonny Wilson, President


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Signature Series XLR

Today I put a new pair of Snake River Signature XLR cords...

Signature Series (hybrid recipe) Phono RCA

Wonderful cable with similar sonic characteristics as other...

Signature Series Hybrid Power Cable 15A US/IEC

After listening for a few weeks, the Signature power cable...

Signature Series "AMP Series" power cable 15A US/IEC

Tried a Signature AMP cord first; it killed my Audience...


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SS1451 - Signature Series power cable US/IEC 3m

SS1451 - Signature Series power cable US/IEC 3m

$1,545.00  $1,214.00
Save: 21%