Signature Series BI-WIRE Speaker Cables

Signature Series BI-WIRE Speaker Cables



Signature Series
- Hybrid Bi-wire Gold/Silver speaker cables -

Exceptional design, outstanding performance! - TRUE Shotgun-style bi-wire speaker cables with two separate recipes going to the top and the bottom.

We custom-build our Signature Series Bi-Wire speaker cables using our Hybrid recipe of 24k Gold, pure 0.999 silver, and red copper conductor, and WBT-0681Cu (spades) or WBT-0610Cu (banana) connectors. We can build your cables with any configuration of connectors that you need for your system. After submitting your order, PLEASE email us to let us know which connectors you need on the amp, and which connectors you need on the speaker.

When it came time to develop our bi-wire speaker cables, we first considered all of the reasons of 'why' you would want to bi-wire in the first place. This is where having years of experience designing speakers really paid off. A bi-wire-able speaker is designed in such a way, as to separate, and thus maximize the benefits you can give to each section of the speaker.. it's tweeter and bass sections. So, if you were to just make XYZ recipe of precious metal wire, and send that exact same recipe to both the tweeter and bass.. what would be the benefit to the speaker? You may as well straight wire. The tweeter and bass components of your speaker have different needs, so why send them the exact same thing? When we designed our bi-wire cables, we wanted to keep the benefits that the hybrid recipe of pure gold, pure silver and pure copper provide. However, we realized that to maximize the benefits to the speaker, we had to tweak each recipe slightly. Therefore, the pair of conductors going to the tweeter, have A DIFFERENT RECIPE than the pair that go to the bass. Again, they have different needs, so why send them the same thing. Both recipes utilize the gold, silver and copper hybrid.. but the recipes are different and designed for the component of the speaker they are connected to.

Not only that, but our bi-wire cables also utilize the "Eddie Twist" design, with A LOT of precious metal wiring. A three meter pair of bi-wire cables contains OVER 700 FEET of precious metal wiring. Why? Because your speakers deserve the best that you can give them.


Any precious metal used in your system's cables, or anywhere else actually, will have an effect on your music. The tonality, clarity, dimension, as well as many other factors, can all be greatly affected by which metals are used, as well as the quality of those metals. For example, silver is a very fast metal, with the lowest impedence rating of all precious metal used in audio today. The effect silver can have on music is to enhance the speed and clarity of what's being played. Details become crisper, soundstage can gain depth. Meanwhile, gold and copper can affect the richness and character of the music. A full room-filling boldness, musicality and smoothness, as well as a wide soundstage. Some have said that silver is lean and clean, while gold is rich and lush.

Our Signature Series of products use a hybrid recipe of ALL THREE metals. Pure gold, pure silver, and pure red copper. We designed this recipe for those systems that are very neutral sounding already, and for those ears that want it all - Clarity, fullness, musicality, detail, and a wide and deep soundstage. Room-filling thickness, yet pinpoint imaging, it's all there. It's like standing in the middle of an 8-lane interstate, with all lanes coming at you at once!

Best for: All systems! For those who want everything. Our Signature Series holds nothing back, you will get it all!



Quick disclaimer: This is a very simplified explanation of the cryogenic process as it applies to electrical components of audio. We know and value the effects this process has on our products. But if you'd like a deeper more detailed explanation, you may have to consult a cryogenicist.

The raw materials used in ANY equipment, whether it's cables or tubes, or razor blades - all contain a harsh degree of residual stress. The process used to make wire itself is very stressful and straining on it's core materials. Then add to it the stresses of manufacturing that wire into a cable, soldering and twisting, etc. A cryogenic treatment relieves these stresses, and allows your equipment to perform above and beyond untreated models of the same. Resistance ratings are lowered and capacitance is improved.

The cryogenic process is well used in the audio world, from components to tubes, to cables, and with good reason. If you've ever seen how wire or some components are made, you can imagine what it's doing to that metal on a molecular level.

A very simplified analogy would be to think of two rows of numbers. The top row has numbers 1 to 5, while the second row goes from 6 to 10. Well, even through all the beating the metal takes, electrons try to stay loyal to the other atoms/molecules where they were connected before. But because everything has been twisted and reconfigured, the electrons might be trying to go from 1 to 7, then up to 2, back to 6, then over to 3, etc. Not a very efficient way to travel.

The cryogenic process utilizes liquid nitrogen, and very slowly lowers the temperature of the metals down to 320 degrees BELOW ZERO. It's actually so cold, that the electrons themselves practically quit moving. After being held at that temperature for a time to completely break any bonds those electrons had previously, the metals are then very slowly brought back up to normal temps. The effect that this has, is that when the electrons start moving again, they connect to the atoms/molecules closest and strongest to them, instead of wherever they were connected previously. Now, your electrons go straight from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4, etc. This results in lower capacitance and impedance. A much more efficient piece of conductive metal, which in audio, gives you better performance in your cables.

How does a cryo treated cable compare to an untreated model? Well, don't just take our word on this - feel free to search for yourself. There are many different accounts out there where a cryo treated cable performs better. The most common benefits attributed to cryogenically treatments are;
  • Much more in-depth, focused three dimensional soundstaging
  • Enhanced dynamic range
  • Upper range notes are cleaner, more precise with less distortion
  • Vocals are much more exact and clear
  • Improved bass speed and articulation



The "Eddie Twist" (named after our beloved headphone-wearing snake mascot) method of our speaker and power cables takes advantage of, and maximizes the effects of two principles, dielectric and surface area or skin effect. By maximizing the surface area of our conductors, we greatly reduce the opposing eddy currents an A/C signal can create. But wait? How can you maximize surface area? There's only so much surface to be had, right? Well, we looked at traditional methods of wire stranding, and realized there was a simple way to do this. However, it's very time and resource consuming, and ends up utilizing more precious metal wiring.. which is likely why the mass-production cables aren't done this way. Take a look at the pictures below.

Most multiple strands cables are simply twisted all together at the same time. The end result is a very tightly woven group of conductors with much of their surface area actually touching each other. Our "Eddie Twist" method twists only one pair of conductors at a time. Then the pairs are twisted together, which gives you a cross-section that shows a much greater amount of surface area, touching nothing else.

Now, let's talk about dielectric. To simplify, a dielectric is a non-conductive material that's used around and between your wires, to keep them from touching each other and shorting out. The problem, is that most non-conductive dielectric materials out there also absorb electrons, ie your music signal. Spread that dielectric all the way down the length of your cables, and that could be a problem. It's common knowledge that the absolute best dielectric possible.. is air. Just plain old air. If you could run bare wires from your amp to your speakers, with no dielectric at all, that would be the best scenario in regards to dielectics. However, that's really not feasible.

However, we designed a method to take advantage of our Eddie Twist configuration, and create a whopping 85%+ air dielectric in our cables. Think of a triangle, inside of a circle. Now make that circle slightly larger, and only two points of that triangle will ever be touching the circle at any one time. The rest of that triangle.. is open to the air.


The principles of dielectrics and skin effect can be (and are) argued constantly on internet forums and chats. Our approach is simple. There's an old saying that says, "the proof is in the pudding". We simply invite you try our cables, and pit them against any other product out there. We are very confident in what we do. Over the years, we've had many skeptics of these principles, who have not only come back to us admitting that we're on to something.. but then backed it up by purchasing second, third, or fourth cables.


All of our cables are custom built, by hand, for each customer. We have no idea of what lengths or connectors people will need for all of the various types of cables, so we do not build up inventory in advance. On average, our build queue is about 5-6 business days out. Sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little shorter. Once a cable is completed, we prefer to put it on one of our curing systems for 200 hours before shipping out to the customer. This significantly reduces the amount of time for "burn in" on your system. This is preferred, but optional. The customer can choose to 'waive' the curing process.

You are always welcome to email us and inquire about our current build queue status. Typically, an order is ready to ship approximately two weeks or a little more from the date of the order.

After an order is placed, you will receive an email from us letting you know our current queue status, and when your order will be expected to be built. You can reply to us at that time whether you wish to waive the curing process, or have us complete it before shipping. You will receive another email after the cable is completed, and another when it has finished curing (if not waived). We also include your information with the tracking, so you will also get updates as the cable is en route to you.


We strongly believe in making your EARS happy! We also understand that it's not always easy to listen to our cables, and the difference they can make, in person before purchasing them. Auditioning products at a show, at one of our dealers, or even here in the demo room at our shop, is great.. but it's not going to match what you have in your own system, environment and setup. So, the absolute best audition is to buy our cables, try them out in your own home for 30 days. If you like what you hear, please shoot us an email telling us so! If you don't, return them within 30 days of receiving them for a full refund. Easy Peasy!! (disclaimer: returned cables will be inspected and tested for any damage, and refund will be minus shipping/handling costs and any credit card/paypal processing fees).

Obviously, to provide this type of guarantee, we are very confident in the quality and performance that our products can bring to your system. This comes from very rarely ever having a product returned. In fact, some recent research of our books showed that about 40% of our customers came back for even more of our cables! We love that feather in our cap!


Yep! It's true.. we offer free shipping on all orders! This just keeps getting better all the time, don't it?


If you have Paypal, purchasing is super simple! Just choose the product you want, click on the drop-down menu to choose the length you need, and click "Add to Cart". You will need to create an account with us, just basic information, so that we can contact you with updates as well as know where to ship your cables.

IF THE LENGTH or design of the cable you are wanting is not in an easy dropdown, please email us

Paypal users - You can finish the transaction then and there, easy peasy!

Credit card users - You can now pay with your credit card, through Paypal! You don't even have to create a Paypal account! Just create an account for us here on our website so we know about you, then click through the Paypal process and follow the instructions! Email us with any questions you might have.

International customers - Please make sure you've created an account, then email us and we will reply with wire transfer information.

Reviews (5)

by Randy Bankert - Sonist Audio

INDUSTRY REVIEW! - Randy Bankert, Sonist Audio "I just spoke with Kara on the phone, and we both agreed that the presentation at the Dagogo show was the best that we had ever heard with Sonist and deHavilland at a trade show, including the more than 7 years that deHavilland and Sonist have been co-exhibiting together. Kara especially liked that your cables never sounded overly bright or aggressive in the treble, and that they didn't do anything wrong, and did a lot of stuff right. This is high praise from Kara, she has much better ears than I do, and if she thinks your cables are this good, you really have a successful future ahead of you with your cables. I am impressed with the results you have obtained with your cables. You aren't part of well-developed local audio community, you are relatively isolated geographically, yet your dedication to designing and manufacturing the best cables you can has resulted in what I feel are the best-sounding cables I have heard. Congratulations

by Jimmy Hughes - HiFi+ magazine

PROFESSIONAL REVIEW! - Jimmy Hughes, HiFi+ Magazine Based in Riggins, a town in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA, Snake River Audio is a small specialist company, hand-crafting high quality audio cables. It is near Hells Canyon, the deepest gorge in the whole of North America; an area famed for its wild natural beauty. Its product categories are named after venomous snakes. Nice! The range includes Interconnects (analogue/digital), Speaker cables, Power cords, and falls into four price/performance categories; the Adder Silver series, the Cottonmouth Gold series, the Mamushi Magnetic series, and the recently introduced Signature series. The latter are available in ‘Cottonmouth’ or ‘Mamushi’ formats. The Adder series features high-purity (0.999%) silver wire, while Cottonmouth employs 24ct gold-plated OFHC copper. The Mamushi option is available in a choice of silver or 24ct gold-plated OFHC copper, and features a capacitive woven design with magnetic shielding to reduce

by Andrew, Australia

I bought this cable back in March 2014. I have YG Carmel speakers which are exceptionally revealing, and so any cable flaws will be revealed. The Signature Series Cottonmouths have been phenomenal, and have given me everything I wanted in a cable - fast tight bass, good midrange body, sweet and sparkly high frequencies, neutral frequency response, and very natural instrument and vocal timbres. These cables are incredible value, I compared them to Jorma Prime speaker cables at over $30,000 a pair, and the difference was very small indeed. Most importantly the Signature Series maintained the natural tone. I also compared them to $10,000 Crystal Cable Ultras, and for my system the Signature Series was a better match !!! The Signature Series easily beat hands down a number of other cables I tried in its price range. Jonny was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Courteous, responsive, technically aware, and not pushy with the sale.