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Browse our collection to find the best digital cables every audiophile needs. We strive to give serious digital music lovers the best-quality cable that provides a wide open and deep soundstage, completely musical and natural sounding. The Boomslang stands out with its award-winning performance. All our options are carefully handcrafted to ensure our customers get only the best quality product. After all, you can’t achieve perfect digital audio without an amazing cable in your system. Shop for digital cables that we expertly design solely for audiophiles!

If you have questions about this product, get in touch with our team. We're always happy to help our customers find the right product for their listening needs. Invest in a product every audio aficionado needs in their system.


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Signature Series XLR

Today I put a new pair of Snake River Signature XLR cords...

Signature Series Hybrid Power Cable 15A US/IEC

I just replaced an Audience Au24 SX power cord with a Snake...

Signature Series "AMP Series" power cable 15A US/IEC

Tried a Signature AMP cord first; it killed my Audience...

Signature Series Speaker Cables

I just replaced a pair of Audience Front Row speaker cables...

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SS1451 - Signature Series power cable US/IEC 3m

SS1451 - Signature Series power cable US/IEC 3m

$1,545.00  $1,214.00
Save: 21%