Balanced XLR Interconnects

Buy balanced XLR interconnects for your audio system. Snake River Audio carefully crafts the perfect cables so audiophiles can enhance their systems for the ideal setup. With these top-quality interconnects, the sound will be fast and detailed, yet musical and natural—you may even hear things you couldn’t before! We love being able to make your ears smile!

We have various custom-built XLR cables available in our collection that you can choose from. Click on the items below for product description, details, build structure, and more information. Shop at Snake River Audio for the best-balanced XLR interconnects! If you have questions, connect with our team by calling 208-724-5152.


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Cottonmouth Gold power cable 15A US/IEC

CUSTOMER REVIEW! - Charles Yost, Japan


Adder Silver - RCA interconnects

CUSTOMER REVIEW! - Charles Yost, Japan


Mamushi Gold - RCA interconnects

CUSTOMER REVIEW! - Douglas Binney, New...

Cottonmouth Gold - balanced XLR Interconnects

CUSTOMER REVIEW! - Charles Yost, Japan


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