Custom-Built Power Cables

Buy top-quality custom-built power cables for your sound system. Using only the highest-quality precious metals, these power cables are perfect for every audiophile’s system. What better way to please your ears? At Snake River Audio, we handcraft our products because we know that quality is not negotiable. Never settle for less when you can easily purchase the best products to upgrade your system. Every serious music lover needs the best-quality cables if they want the best performance from their system.

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As an audiophile, only the best components should be in your system, especially the cables. Check out our collection below for the custom-built power cables you need! You can learn more about the products by clicking on each option and decide which one suits your needs best. And if you have questions, please contact us by calling 208-724-5152.


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Signature Series Speaker Cables

I just replaced a pair of Audience Front Row speaker cables...

Signature Series (hybrid recipe) Phono RCA

I just replaced a pair of Audience Au24 SX phono...

Signature Series XLR

Today I put a new pair of Snake River Signature XLR cords...

Signature Series Power Cable 15A US/IEC

I just replaced an Audience Au24 SX power cord with a Snake...

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