Custom-Built Speaker Cables

Every audio enthusiast needs top-quality speaker cables for the cherry-on-top of the perfect system. At Snake River Audio, you can buy handmade custom-built speaker cables. Give your expert ears the listening experience they deserve. With our speaker cables, you’ll notice a dramatic difference in precision and clarity, as well as natural tonality and musicality. We only use the highest-quality precious metals and materials to craft our products for the ultimate in performance.

You can learn more about our high-end speaker cables by clicking on each of the options below. Here, you’ll find more information on design, materials, and purchasing details. When you’re an audiophile, you need the best gear for your music system. Invest in custom speaker cables that audiophiles rave about.

Please contact us with any questions about this product or the other audio cables in our shop.


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Cottonmouth Gold - balanced XLR Interconnects

CUSTOMER REVIEW! - Charles Yost, Japan


Adder Silver - RCA interconnects

CUSTOMER REVIEW! - Charles Yost, Japan


Mamushi Gold - RCA interconnects

CUSTOMER REVIEW! - Douglas Binney, New...

Mamushi Gold - RCA interconnects

CUSTOMER REVIEW! - Randall Nelson, Wisconsin


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