HT2205 - Adder Silver XLR interconnects - 1.0m

HT2205 - Adder Silver XLR interconnects - 1.0m

$1,545.00  $695.00
Save: 55%


Over the years, we've participated in many audio shows. We provide the cables and products that make some amazing systems complete, as registered by the phenomenal show reports and responses that we receive. However, after the show is over, what do we do with the demo cables that were used? Here's your opportunity to get a high-quality, like brand new, Snake River Audio product, at a greatly reduced price! Most of these cables have simply been used in a controlled audio-show setting, and really just have more curing, or "burn-in" time on them, more than the standard 200 hours a brand new set would have! Take advantage of this opportunity now, before someone else does!

Adder - Pure Silver Series
XLR balanced
HT-2205 - 1.0m length
Normal Retail $1545

Demo/used price $695



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