SS-1311 - Signature Series BiWIRE - Spkr Spade to Spade 2m

SS-1311 - Signature Series BiWIRE - Spkr Spade to Spade 2m

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As you might have noticed, these cables were on our used/demo list a couple of weeks ago. A long time customer bought them, and we shipped them out. The package hadn't even arrived, when apparently the wife found out and nixed the purchase. Our friend had to return them, without even opening the box. So, we'll put them back up for you!

Originally, these cables were truly a casualty of Covid. The gentleman who ordered them, paid for them, discussed the terminations and waited patiently for them to be built and then cured - then contacted us right after they were shipped. He'd lost a very important contract due to covid issues, and thus was having to completely offload and cancel a bunch of recent purchases to counter his losses. He did get the cables, and briefly hooked them up to his system, making his decision to return them even that much harder. I really don't think these cables have all that much beyond the 200 hours curing time, as he unfortunately didn't get to keep the cables but a few days before shipping them back.

Check out our page on our Bi-Wire speaker cables to learn about our philosophy and build structure. They truly do not disappoint!

Signature Series BI-WIRE (hybrid pure 24k Gold & pure silver)

Speaker cables - WBT spade to spade
Serial# SS-1311 - 2.0m length

Normal Retail $2295

DEMO/Used Price - $1295

THESE WILL GO FAST! Jump on them now!

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