CG850 - Cottonmouth Gold RCA Interconnects - 1.5 meter

CG850 - Cottonmouth Gold RCA Interconnects - 1.5 meter

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Bada-Boom, Bada-BANG!!

Here's your chance to do a serious upgrade for your system, at a fraction of the cost!

Quick backstory information - A customer ordered a large cable bundle in October. After the cables were built and cured, they were sent off en route to the customer. Except... they never arrived. The US Postal Service, who we've never had a problem with in over 10 years, LOST the package. We built a new set of cables to send to the customer, and all was well there. Then finally, over a month-and-a-half later, we were informed that the US Postal Service FOUND the package, and was returning it to us. It arrived just before the end of the year, almost two months after it went missing. Ugh.

Now, as all of you Snake River Audio fans out there know.. we do not like to have cables lying around. EVERY new cable order is built, by-hand, made especially for the customer who orders it, and to their specifications. So... what do we do with these extra cables??? Let's blow them out!!

These cables are brand new, have already been cured, and are ready to ship out!
Click here for more information on the Cottonmouth Gold RCAs
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Cottonmouth Gold RCA interconnects
1.5 meter
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