DB-310 Boomslang BNC to BNC, 1.37m

DB-310 Boomslang BNC to BNC, 1.37m

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We recently realized that a couple of our dealers had some fairly outdated demo stock. So, we got those cables back and gave them new ones to use!

But, what to do with these older style demos? Might as well sell them at highly discounted rates, and let you enjoy them!

These cables have all been tested and checked, and are ready to use in your system. They do not have our current graphics, such as the snakeskin barrels or shrink cover. But, the performance and precious metal recipe inside the cables is just the same as our new ones!

Grab 'em up quick! They won't last long.

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DB-310 Boomslang BNC to BNC, 1.37m
Regular price $595 - Used Demo price $345

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