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Signature Series Cottonmouth RCA
[Signature Series Cottonmouth RCA]

The Cottonmouth Signature Speaker cables strike a very elegant balance of inner detail and musicality. They are lively without being shrill or etched and have lovely top extenstion without any sibilance or fatigue. I am toe-tapping and sitting in front of my system floating on the music without a care about detail, what's there and what isn't. Admittedly, I can be a nervous type of audiophile and listen to certain songs impatiently looking for familiar subtle musical phrases or details. That desire has left (at least for the moment) as, while all the details are there, I am more lost in the joy of the music.

The stage is so well defined, deep and wide, it's a delight to wander through. A springtime walk in the park staring at the sot and changing clouds against a crisp and sparkling blue sky. The Yosemite of a musical landscape! The speaker cables revealed a shortcoming in my power cord match for my source. When I put in your IC's that became more apparent and when I initially put your power cord in the AMR, I was set back in my seat at first, but had to jump up and down with excitement at the insane amount of detail and imaging.

My musicality doppelganger needed satisfying. I was sold on the speaker cable and trying hard to find a combo of other wires to make it all work. My power cords have been stable and a mainstay of my system, but the overly detailed path I had traveled led deep into the resolution woods. Now I needed to find one to make the other wires work.

I have a few very nice interconnects* on hand that have served me very well and tried many combos of them with each other and the SRA Cottonmouth Sig. In the end, the synergy of an all SRA IC/SC loom can't be bested in my system by what I have.

The sonicscape painted by your cabling is deeply transparent and transporting. It's almost hyperreal in it's ability to convey information while almost hypnotize me into not caring about it. That is their best quality. It's like walking around in a Maxfield Parrish painting.

In rational terms, the pace is spot on, the stage perfectly proprotioned for me, moderately tall and very wide and deep, the bass controlled, not tubby or bloated, the highs extended, detailed and non-fatiguing and the midrange like controlled silk. Leading edges are brisk and accurate, transients easy and decay is long and a delight. The different cymbal strikes on the beginning of Dave Matthews' "Pay for What You Get" stand out as beauty in detail, waveform and a forceful delicacy.

Hayden's "Robbed Blind" has long been a test track for me for harsh vocal reproduction. I always heard it as forward with a production pushing the uppermid vocal band too far....but, (wait for it....) IT'S MULTIPLES OF HIS OWN VOICE jsut offset enough to be grating, but not with your cables. HA! I never heard that before and it was just great to experience that. So, the resolution of your cables are really remarkable, especially considering they don't tip the scale into the etched fatigue camp at all.
Date Added: 05/09/2014 by Art Chandler - Tivoli, NY