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Boomslang Digital Cable - spdif BNC - BNC
[Boomslang BNC-BNC]

Shouldn't the Boomslang come with a caution warning? After
putting on 'A Million Miles Away' by Rory Gallagher, I almost had to call
911. My foot got seriously infected with intense toe-tapping. It got really
scary when it worked its way up to my hands - to the dreaded the 'air
guitar'. And this is with a tube DAC!

Of course, I needed to hear how the Boomslang would handle jazz, orchestra,
acoustic guitar, vocalists, etal. Three months later, my response is still
the same: WOW! My system has never sounded so good.

Thx so much for an amazing cable - and the outstanding customer service.
You will probably be getting more of my money in the near future.
Date Added: 09/06/2017 by Arnie