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Cottonmouth power cable 20A
[Cottonmouth Power 20A]

First, it would be unfair not to mention the excellent contact I have had with Jonny all along the process of buying from abroad (France) one of his products. He has been an attentive and precious adviser in the selection of a proper cable for my new amplifier. Nice and helpful!

It turned out that the selected cable, a Cottonmouth power cable 20A, could not be burned-in at the factory. So, the burn-in was performed at home (see below). I should also mention that the cable arrived in a very nice package, perfectly protected, and that, esthetically speaking, it's really a beautiful cable.

As soon as installed, I noticed a significant reduction in the background noise, and instruments sounding more natural (listening to a beautiful harpsichord). Over the hours, the cable improved progressively: I remember hearing beautiful pizzicato on a Mozart sonata, formerly hidden details appear, all as if laid down on a black velvet background. When listening to organ baroque music, recorded on a historic organ, the church sonority was there, the organ sounded perfect: a jewel. And always this total absence of background noise as well as more natural various instruments (violin, piano). After 250 hours the burn-in was completed and I had the pleasure to hear the extraordinary saxophone of Charles Lloyd, so present with minute details, previously unheard, appearing in the drums and percussions.

I could continue commenting about other nice listening experiences but you must understand that, for me, adding this cable to my system has brought very significant improvements, all within a more than friendly relationship with its creator.
Highly recommended!

Claude Lenglet
Lille, France
Date Added: 12/11/2016 by Claude Lenglet