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Boomslang Digital Cable - spdif RCA - RCA
[Boomslang RCA - RCA]

I mainly use it as a clock cable for my M2tech Clock Evo 2, After spending a few weeks with the Boomslang, I could only describe the experience as ‘Surprising’. It never occurred to me that clock cable could make such an impact. The improvement of Dynamic is the most impressive, the bass has a better performance as well. I always felt the bass was a bit much fatty before and now it becomes perfect for me. Before the Boomslang, I never thought clock could make a great difference on my system, at most the clarity was improved and that’s all. Now with the Boomslang, if I exclude the clock on my system, it became blurry and the sound is just unbearable! One thing I like the most is it clears out all the fatigue that comes with digital music and finally I could spend a whole night listening to music without my ears feeling exhausted!

Like many of you pointed out before, bringing a clock to a system mostly improves the clarity and cleanliness of music. I would say this cable has done a pretty job in that regards. I haven’t tried many of those expensive cables, so I could not say if this cable can kill all those big boys out there. But it definitely beats down my previous Furutech digital. After replacing the cable, it finally came to me that the difference brought by clock cabled is as big as that by other digital cables.

For the price, you all can visit Snake river audio website to find it out. I know many of you are looking for cables exactly in that price range and I hope you all now can have one more option of choice after my sharing.

At last, I want to make it clear that I am just a happy customer and I do not have any business relationship with Snake River Audio.

Marco Tam
Hong Kong
Date Added: 05/14/2017 by Marco Tam