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Signature Series BI-WIRE Cottonmouth Speaker Cables
[Signature Series BiWire Cott Spk]

I bought this cable back in March 2014. I have YG Carmel speakers which are exceptionally revealing, and so any cable flaws will be revealed. The Signature Series Cottonmouths have been phenomenal, and have given me everything I wanted in a cable - fast tight bass, good midrange body, sweet and sparkly high frequencies, neutral frequency response, and very natural instrument and vocal timbres. These cables are incredible value, I compared them to Jorma Prime speaker cables at over $30,000 a pair, and the difference was very small indeed. Most importantly the Signature Series maintained the natural tone. I also compared them to $10,000 Crystal Cable Ultras, and for my system the Signature Series was a better match !!! The Signature Series easily beat hands down a number of other cables I tried in its price range. Jonny was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Courteous, responsive, technically aware, and not pushy with the sale.
Date Added: 09/26/2014 by Andrew, Australia