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Signature Series Cottonmouth Speaker Cables
[Signature Series Cottonmouth Spk]

This was the final link in my Snake chain. Having added the Mamushi XLR a interconnect and a couple of Cottonmouth Signature Power cables, Jonny kindly supplied an 8 metre length of the Cottonmouth Signature speaker cables for a home trial with no sales pressure whatsoever. He needn't have worried, no way were these cables going back to the USA. They were every bit as good as the rest of their line and became the final icing on the cake of my system, the overall sound quality of which has been raised to a new height. The system now has a lovely, involving, detailed sound that ticks all the audiophile boxes but just gets out of the way and lets the music do the talking. Every album or CD is just so much more enjoyable on every level. Couldn't ask for more.
Date Added: 01/10/2015 by Derek S