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Mamushi Silver Power Cable 15A US/IEC

Mamushi Series - Magnetically-shielded Silver Power Cable 15A

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It all starts with the juice! One of the most critical areas of your system to keep clean, is your power cables. The protection the Mamushis provide goes above and beyond any other power cable on the market today. Our Mamushi power cables demand a heavier duty magnet that we special order just for our Mamushis. It's still pliable and not so heavy to damage your equipment. The feedback is in! The Mamushi power cables simply outperform.

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Fact: All electrical and electronic equipment causes radio frequency interference. Processor noise, digital noise, ground noise, voltage spikes ... all contribute to the degradation and corruption of your signal and it's transference. So... How can you protect your fine resolution, and keep your silent noise floor from being contaminated? Mamushis to the rescue!

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The Mamushi cables are our magnetic series of high-end quality audio cables. Our Mamushi cables are truly unique in the world of interference suppression. After extensive research, and innovative improvements upon the original design, Snake River Audio's Mamushis incorporate a natural capacitive rejection of radio frequency interference by their construction principles alone. The Mamushis separate the conductors using only the thinnest layer of Polytetrafluoroethylene (teflon) between the feed and the return, as well as a large air gap dielectric, and protect this configuration by surrounding it with mid-level magnets. Our magnets are specially ordered for our Mamushis, and are supersaturated with magnetism in a multiple pole magnetization pattern, so their magnetic strength is evenly distributed across the surface. Mamushi magnetically-shielded cables are available in either silver or gold options, using either our pure (.999) silver wiring, or our own world-famous Snake River Audio CERTIFIED oxygen-free, high-density and purity copper wire which is plated with a minimum of 80 microinches of 24k (.999 pure) gold.

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Our Mamushi Silver Series of 15A US/IEC power cables are hand-crafted one at a time with meticulous attention to detail. We start by taking our own high quality, pure silver (.999) wire. Not just one or two, but SIX strands are double-weaved to create a heavy, 14 gauge wire. But that's not enough. We then add only the thinnest layer of Polytetrafluoroethylene (teflon) between the feed and the return, as well as a large air gap dielectric, and protect this configuration by surrounding it with mid-level magnets. Our own Snake River Audio 18k Platinum-plated connectors on the ends make this truly one of the industry's top cables available.

Structural improvements over the original design not only provide the Mamushis with a premium quality construction and durability, but also remove the fragility that the original design suffered. Snake River Audio then takes the beauty of the Mamushis to the eyes, as well as the ears by providing them with a shimmering blue and red braided covering that truly can not be captured in pictures. The moment you first lay eyes on a Mamushi, your eyes will only be able to say, "wow!".

And your ears will be even more impressed! A large, natural bandwidth with an incredible soundstage will have your ears smiling from ear to e... well, they'll be smiling a lot! Music aficionados and audiophiles alike will be amazed at the low loss, complete transparency, and profiled image palpability of the Mamushis.

For a mid-priced, yet supreme quality interconnect, with the added RFI protection ... Our Mamushis have no rival whatsoever. There simply is ... nothing better.

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CUSTOM LENGTHS Available! Please contact us!

All Snake River Audio cables are cryogenically treated before shipping. Also, unless specifically requested, all of our cables are given a minimum 200 hours (9 days) of slow curing, or "burn-in" before shipping. While this significantly reduces the amount of time necessary, some "settling" time will be needed once the cables are installed into the final system.

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Mamushi Silver 15A US/IEC power cables are sold individually with unique serial numbers. A Certificate of Authenticity is included, along with other important documents. NOTE: Photo shown may not represent actual product connectors (15A/20A/UK/Euro)

Price - Two meters/$1495 US$
Additional 1/2 meter - $100 US$